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Blog über Magic: the Gathering und Brettspiele

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Oktober 2008

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I don’t belong here!

Über den Song steht, als er Song des Tages (SOTD) bei LyricWiki war, folgendes:

The song is the first and overwhelmingly most popular single that Radiohead has released. Creep is about a person who is in love with a woman but is too disgusted by himself to talk to her – it’s a tale many people can relate to and the song conveys it very well. Due to the emotional lyrical content, it was initially banned by popular British radio station BBC Radio 1 for being too depressing. However, the song was such a massive radio hit in America that the band got incredibly tired of playing it and now often refuse to perform it live. I was surprised to see that this hadn’t been SOTD yet!

Na gut, manchmal ist mir einfach danach. „Da“, das bedeutet: Entspannung, geistige Trennung von dem, auf das man sich stark konzentrierte. Das „Loslassen“ am Liebgewonnenen. Oder einfacher ausgedrückt:


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