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Icy Prison Deck 21.5.1996


Ich suche gerade meine alten Daten durch und bin dabei auf eine Datei gestossen, in der ich ein rot-blaues Deck beschrieben habe, vermutlich ist es eine Kopie aus einer Newsgroup. Dort hat man ursprünglich mal über Magic diskutiert, war bestimmt sowas wie oder so. Ich fand das jetzt ganz witzig, was ich damals so geschrieben habe…

This is the history of a MAGIC: THE GATHERING 
60cards RED/BLUE deck
Avail. expansions: Type I (All) 
Expansions used: ICE AGE, ANTIQUITIES
Date of File: Mid-May-1996

        0.) Index
        1.) Play
                Comments about the deck
        2.) Trade
                The trades that were necessary to build the deck.
        3.) Example of 30-JAN-96
        4.) MANAlysis

1.) Play

        I start to think about ICE PRISON, a Ice Age enchantment that
        reads:"When Ice Prison comes into play remove from game target
        creature, when it leaves play return the creature to owner's
        control as if it were just summoned. Destroy Ice Prison during
        your upkeep unless any player pays (3) to prevent this."
        (Note that the text was paraphrased to preserve copyrights.)
        I wonder that this is a possibility to attack over and over 
        with the same BALL LIGHTNING, in the way that it never goes to
        the graveyard, but in ICE PRISON. This inspires me for an 
        R-U Deck. 
        I want to put four ICE PRISONS and four BALL LIGHTNINGS in the deck.
        For getting the ICE PRISONS out of the graveyard, I want to put
        two SKULL OF ORMs in the deck, but I only got one yet.
        To power the SKULL I choose four Soldevi Mechanists, that may be
        good blockers, too. I also put a Power Artifact in although it
        seems nearly useless. To get the Skull out if it is time, I put
        the blue 'demonic tutor', the TRANSMUTE ARTIFACT in. What should
        I transmute now? Sol Ring and Library of Leng are good choices for
        this, I don`t want to transmute artifacts that cost more than (3),
        because the excess mana is lost.
        Also ok is the idea to animate ROCKET LAUNCHERS by ANIMATE ARTIFACT
        and then putting them in the ICE PRISON after using and attacking 
        with them. Perhaps OUBLIETTE makes a good choice here - but it 
        needs another color, black; that would be a good creature supplier.
        Back to my deck: I also put a COPY ARTIFACT in - always a good 
        choice in blue because for the cost of two you may get any artifact,
        also those that are restricted in tournament environments, like
        the MIRROR UNIVERSE. I may target SKULL OF ORM here or Rocket
        Launcher, if I put this in.
        To get the right cards faster and to confuse and tamper the tactics
        of the opponent(s), I put two WINDS OF CHANGE in the deck. I will
        not need WHEEL OF FORTUNE since I expect it to help my opponent(s)
        more than me. At least, I would put a BRAINGEYSER in if I'm short
        on cards, or more cantrips.
        The INFERNO works like a red version of WRAITH OF GOD in most
        cases. I expect the deck to run with five mana (three mountains,
        two islands) but just the case it provides me with more, this card
        could also kill numberous opponents or give me a REMIS in unlucky
        Now my deck consists of the following cards: (total 12 cards)
        ICE PRISON              SKULL OF ORM
        SOL RING                TRANSMUTE ARTIFACT

        To get the BALL LIGHTNINGS out of the Prison, my opponent should
        not be able to pay the mana for this. At least, not if I put my
        own BALL LIGHTNINGS in them. To get around this, MANA SHORT is
        not a good choice, then the opponent would spend the mana for this
        purpose. I expect Land destruction to work better. That leaves the
        spells EROSION and STONE RAIN for me, but with blue also many other
        spells tap opponents land or let him think twice about it. So
        what if paying (3) would cause him 6 damage from PSYCHIC VENOM?
        Or if he had no mana due to a POWER SINK. Perhaps he payed for 
        ERRATIC MINION. I have some thoughts about this. The best option
        for now is PYROBLAST, that puts the ICE PRISON out of the way.
        That way, I could even block with a BALL LIGHTNING! Imagine that!
        If my opponent plays a heavy-creature deck, I might be overrun until
        I get the first Ball Lightning into play. I should have a creature
        defense, too. Besides INFERNO, DWARVEN CATAPULT is a good choice,
        since it is an instant. I don't want to put TIMs in, they can be
        stolen, cloned and doppelgangered - bye bye Ball Lightning.
        I think RAY OF COMMAND and UNSUMMON should handle this. For the
        worst expected case I put an ESSENCE FLARE in, that is even good
        for BALL LIGHTNINGs because they never get to see any upkeep(!), or
        for opponents creatures. Its also an enchantment!
        To prevent white from killing the Ball lightnings with First
        Strike, I will put an artifact in my deck that could give the
        Ball Lightning First Strike, too. This is also good against 
        other colors, making the Ball lightnings a 6/1 trample, first strike
        monster. But AGRESSION is even better for my purpose, since the
        Artifact can also be a target for RUST, WARP ARTIFACT etc. I would
        prefer the artifact only If it would have a second purpose, e.g.
        SAGE OF LAT-NAM. I can take Agression as target for the Skull.
        Some other interesting cards I have found include:
CELESTRIAL SWORD - gives a creature +3/+3 and buries it at the
        end of turn. OK - give me 9/4 trample creatures. BUT: It costs
        (6) and (3) to use. That means in the turn I cast this I will not
        be able to do anything (counter).
MANA FLARE - for paying the cost of SKULL, but that seems to help
        my opponent as well as me - he pays the (3) for ICE PRISON
        you must or can pay something during the upkeep. Perhaps good to
        keep the opponent tapping all mana so he does nothing else. Easy
        pray then.
LAND EQUILIBRIUM - if I got five (max. six) lands out I need no
        more. Should be good against Special Lands (Maze, Save Haven
VIBRATING SPHERE - makes 8/1 Ball Lightnings, but no Mechanists.
BLOOD LUST - makes 10/1 Ball Lightnings, whow! BUT: This way,
        the opponent may not see the trick with ICE PRISON. He would be
        dead just too quick.
RECALL - For those moments when you forgot the only skull...
        a must! I add it at a later point.
        I add the following cards to my deck, raising the number of cards
        to 59.
        ISLAND (10)             MOUNTAIN (10)
        UNSUMMON (2)            PSYCHIC VENOM
        RAY OF COMMAND (4)      POWER SINK (4)
        ESSENCE FLARE           STONE RAIN (3)
        PYROBLAST (3)           AGGRESSION
        The final card should be a Fellwar Stone to speed the mana up or
        to transmute it to a skull. Also I put a mountain out and an island
        in, now there are 9 mountains and eleven islands. This evens the
        advantage of blue cards out.

        There are more people around that value ICY PRISON too low. I
        suppose that is because they compare it to TAWNO'S COFFIN. No - 
        ICY PRISON was made with BALL LIGHTNINGS in mind. Also O.K. for
        other creatures that one holds, like POISON TOKENS. 
WRAITH OF GOD - after putting the BALL LIGHTNINGS in the cell, why not
        destroy all creatures?

        After playing several times with this deck, I must say that it
        is awful in Multiplayer and nothing but slow in Duel-mode. I lost 
	3 Duels against a "Gobbo"-Deck. In Multiplayer, I could stand in
        the "middlefield"!
        The changes that I made after the multiplayer were that I put 
        AGGRESSION out and FYNDHORN BOW (3T:Target creature gets first 
        strike till end of turn). It seems to be useful to use the
        first strike to prevent BALL LIGHTNINGS from being killed. After
        all, the creature ratio of this deck is low enough and I have no
        means of getting the BALL LIGHTNINGS back. I think I would leave
        the current game if someone Jespers my Ball Lightnings away...
        I also put VOLCANIC ERRUPTION and EARTHQUAKE in to kill critters
        before the mighty BALL LIGHTNING comes out. I put a NEVINYLARRYs 
        DISK in to kill all! This can also remove the ICY PRISONS in a 
        good moment (Jokulhaups would be better). I also have a MANA CLASH
        in, just fur fun. (It's the only spell that gives you 20 points
        of damage for one mana! - Good first turn kill I would say!)
        Also for fun and to raise defenses a bit - a SNOW FORTRESS, my
        favorite wall!
        The cards that I took out were merely the MECHANISTS, they are
        senseless, unable to attack and without the SKULLS rather dumb.
        Also the FELLWAR STONE and WINDS OF CHANGE were removed. There
        These changes were made because the spells that I removed were
        a) to specific (one target) or b) not of use.
TYPE II To convert the deck as it is presented above to Type II, I 
        suggest you make the following substitutions:
        SKULL OF ORM: Wait until it comes back. I've heard the rumours.
        SOL RING: Take an Ivory Tower, Shield of Ages or similar low-
        cost artifact. Try to keep Black Vise out, though! Then your 
        opponent becomes more aggressive than this deck can defend.
        DRAFNA'S RESTORATION: Unless it reappears, try a thrid copy of
        Skull of Orm or a low-cost blue creature like the Homelands
        POWER ARTIFACT: Use the MECHANISTS (cheaper, but worse!)

        The problem of getting BALL LIGHTNINGS out of the graveyard is
        not solved yet. Besides the one-useable RECALL the PUPPET MASTER
        is a good choice and reappeared in the CHRONICLES.
        The deck has serious problems in competing even against a single
        enemy. I suppose adding other cards that are out of the theme
        would make it more playable.
	I removed blue from the deck entirely and added all red cards.
	Besides Eron the Relentless I added direct-damage spells and Mana
	Flare to make the deck more deadly. Also a Black Vise works very
	good. A Howling Mine should keep my opponent and me above four cards.
	I played some fast-paced duels with this one, but it has no more 
	the idea that it should have.

	The deck transmuted into something I didn't want. That's the way
	MAGIC: THE GATHERING goes... Everytime you want to present your
	theme, the other (opponent) players only want to kill you.
	by now I prefer NETRUNNER, cause killing is not the theme here.
	The deck above was too weak in the spoiler evironment. It was
	put aside shortly after the last message.

2.) Trade
        This sections holds all the trades that were necessary to complete
        the deck.

24-Jan-96       SKULL OF ORM    -DM10,- ($14.5)

25-Jan-96       BALL LIGHTNING  -WINTER ORB (rev)
                (Ren, german)   -PRIMORDAL OOZE (chr)

27-Jan-96       BALL LIGHTNING  -DM12,-($17.4)

                ICE PRISON      -ELKIN BOTTLE

30-Jan-96       BALL LIGHTNING  -DM10,-($14.5)

                ICY PRISON      -DM5,-($7.25)

2-Feb-96        BALL LIGHTNING  -Johan (Chr)

                ICY PRISON      -DM5,-($7.25)

                SNOW FORTRESS   -DM3,-($4.35)

                MANA CLASH      -THERMOCAST

3.) Complete Deck  of 30-Jan-96
 POCKETs LAND            POCKETs RED              POCKETs BLUE
!MOUNTAIN               !BALL LIGHTNING (RRR)    !ICE PRISON (UU)         !
!MOUNTAIN               !BALL LIGHTNING          !ICE PRISON              !
!MOUNTAIN               !BALL LIGHTNING          !ICE PRISON              !
!MOUNTAIN               !BALL LIGHTNING          !ICE PRISON              !
!MOUNTAIN               !PYROBLAST (R)           !POWER SINK (XU)         !
!MOUNTAIN               !PYROBLAST               !POWER SINK              !
!MOUNTAIN               !PYROBLAST               !POWER SINK              !
!MOUNTAIN               !AGGRESSION (2R)         !POWER SINK              !
!MOUNTAIN               !STONE RAIN (2R)         !RAY OF COMMAND (3U)     !
!ISLAND                 !STONE RAIN              !RAY OF COMMAND          !
!ISLAND                 !STONE RAIN              !RAY OF COMMAND          !
!ISLAND                 !SOL RING (1)            !RAY OF COMMAND          !
!ISLAND                 !WINDS OF CHANGE (R)     !SOLDEVI MECHANIST (1U)  !
!ISLAND                 !WINDS OF CHANGE *       !SOLDEVI MECHANIST       !
!ISLAND                 !SKULL OF ORM (3)        !SOLDEVI MECHANIST       !
!ISLAND                 !SKULL OF ORM (3)        !SOLDEVI MECHANIST*      !
!ISLAND                 !LIBRARY OF LENG (1)     !PSYCHIC VENOM (1U)      !
!ISLAND                 !FELLWAR STONE (2) *     !UNSUMMON (U)            !
!ISLAND                 !TRANSMUTE ARTIFACT (UU)*!UNSUMMON                !
!ISLAND                 !ESSENCE FLARE (U)       !COPY ARTIFACT (1U)      !
I will exchange cards marked with an * perhaps.

4.) Ex-ante analysis
        LAND cards       20
  dL =  ------------ = ----- = 0.5
        SPELLS cards     40

Red Mana Ratio
        MOUNTAINS     9
  dR =  --------- = ----- = 0.64
        RED CARDS    14

        -rather high percentage is good to may the colored casting 
         cost of Ball Lightnings when they come out.
Blue Mana Ratio
        ISLANDS        11
  dU =  ---------- = ------ = 0.5
        BLUE CARDS     22

Mana Ratio
        TOTAL MANA avail.    43
  dM =  ----------------- = ----- = 0.48
        TOTAL Cast.Cost      89

        -Seems to be possible to cast two spells per turn, that
         puts me down in cards (good against BLACK VISE).
        -When I pay for the Skull I can re-cast the ICE PRISON.

So einiges hätte man besser machen können. Warum das Deck erst am Ende steht und der Spielbericht am Anfang, weiss wohl niemand.

Ich hoffe, dass ich mich weiter entwickelt habe – da sind zwar schon ansatzweise Strategien erkennbar, aber beispielsweise warum man gegen weiss besser mit Enchantments als mit Artefakten arbeiten soll, dürfte etwas zu euphorisch geschildert sein.
Etwas schade, dass die Deckentwicklung nicht so gut nachvollziehbar ist.

Bock auf noch mehr Historie?

Ok, dann hier die Bonus-Sektion. Ich habe damals wohl zeitweise ein Tauschtagebuch geführt. Schauen wir mal, was da drin steht (Stand 16.10.1996):


19.Mai 95
        Shivan Dragon   Mind Bomb (4th)
                        Balance (4th)
                        Personal Incarnation (4th)
                        Volcanic Erruption (4th)

        H„tte ich den Shivan verschenkt h„tte ich mehr von dem
        Tausch gehabt.

Aus heutiger Sicht ist das Balance zehnmal nicer als der Shivan Dragon.

        Mahamoti Djinn  Oasis (4th)
                        Atog (dt.lim)
                        Timber Wolves (4th)
                        Hurkyls Erinnerung (dt.lim)

        Uaaah! Hoffendlich passiert mir sowas nie wieder.

        Sleight of Mind Stasis (4th)

        Yeah! Per Zufall ein guter Tausch kurz bevor IA kam.

        Nightmare       Lord of Atlanta (dt.lim)
                        Clone (rev)
                        Hurkyl's Recall (rev)

        Der Tausch war OK

Ich könnte mir heute nicht mal vorstellen, dass die Karten irgendwie interessant wären – ist alles total egal.

        Candelabra      Verdoppelung (lim)
                        ™dland (lim)

        Hier weis ich nicht, ob eine Partei vom Tausch profitiert hat.
        Heutzutage bek„me man jedenfalls das Doppelte fr den Candelabra.

Da hatte ich damals ein „ich-weiss-nicht“-Gefühl und heute ist das limitierte Ödland wohl ein bisschen mehr wert als ein Candelabra of Tawnos.

7.Feb 96
        Shivan Dragon   Fishliver Oil (chr)
                        Lightning Bolt (rev)
                        Mystic Decree (HM)
                        Geisteskontakt (lim)
                        Birds of Paradise (4th)
                        Energy Storm (IA)
                        Despotic Scepter (IA)

        Dieser Tausch mit Patrick Hommes zeigt wie manche Karten
        (hier Shivan Dragon) zu hoch eingesch„tzt werden. Weiter
        habe ich aus einer teueren Karte mehrere preiswertere Karten
        erzeugt, die es erm”glichen, die Ausgangskarte wieder ein-
        zutauschen und etwas brig zu lassen. Die beiden ersten
        Karten waren "nur so" dabei und hatten fr keine Partei eine
        Bedeutung gespielt.

Das fasst es gut zusammen. Heute kann man mit dem Djinn nichts mehr anfangen, aber damals war der, wie Shivan Dragon, ein Tausch-Staple.

13.M„r 96
        DM 55,--        Jihad

        Auf gut Glck gekauftes Jihad fr den Daniel
        Jihad           Rack (rev)
                        Underworld Dreams (LG)
                        Life Matrix (LG)

        Mehr schlecht als gut, aber das Underworld Dreams reisst den Tausch
        noch in den grnen Bereich. Seltsamerweise war das Rack in diesem
        Tausch st”rend, da ich Daniel den Tausch aufgezwungen hatte. Den
        Einkaufspreis verteile ich wie folgt: Rack DM 0,-; Underworld Dre-
        ams DM 31,--; Life Matrix DM 14,-- Dies ist das zu bertreffende

Bei MU kostet das Jihad heute 40 EUR, wenn ich den Tausch mit dem Daniel nochmal machen würde, wäre das heute ein Äquivalent von 1,50 EUR + 37,50 EUR + 8,00 EUR = 47 EUR. Sagt das irgendwas aus?

Dann waren wir auf dem Spellen Spektaklen in Eindhoven…

Holland 96
        Chains of Mestopheles   Lhurgoyf (IA)
                                Howling Mine (rev)

        Mehr nicht? Nach dem Tausch kamen Duzende Interessenten fr
        Chains of Mestopheles... (--> 17.4.96)

        Moat (it.)      Cleanse (LG)

        Ein Super Tausch - eine fake fr eine teure echte Legend. Hinzu
        kam noch die schnelle Abwicklung des Tausches. Allerdings h„ngt
        Cleanse ziemlich in meinem Ordner.

Also wie ich damals die Karten so weggeschleudert habe, das ist wirklich verblüffend. Gehen wir zurück nach Deutschland. Alle zwei Wochen fand im Grunewald, einer Gaststätte in der Nähe der Bochumer Uni, ein Magicabend statt.

13.M„r 96 (Bochum)
        2 Startrek Booster (lim)
                        3 Fallen Angels (chr)
                        Minion of T.S. (IA)
                        Neues Leben (lim)
                        D„monischer Tutor (lim)
                        Basalt Monolith (dt.lim)
                        Season of the Witch (DK)

        Dieser Tausch mit Jens, bei dem ich die Booster schuldig blieb
        hatte die Folge das mein damaliger Tausch mit den Sim City
        Karten etwas ausgeglichen wurde. Die šbergabe sollte Mitte
        August noch erfolgen...

Bei dem Tausch habe ich aber mehr als nur profitiert. Irgendwie glich sich meine Unfähigkeit, Karten einzustufen im Sinne der Spielbarkeit durch extensives Abzocken meiner Tauschpartner aus. Nein, damals waren diese Uncommmons einfach nichts wert – das war ein guter, aber kein übermässiger Tausch.

21.Feb 96 (Neuss)
        Mondschatten    Jokulhaups

        Wow! Mit dem Tausch vom 29.Mai ergibt sich hier eine enorme Gewinn-
        spanne. Auf jeden Fall hat hier mein Gegenber einen Bad Moon ge-

In Neuss gab es damals in einem Gemeindehaus einen wöchentlichen Magictreff in dem man auf Tischtennisplatten gespielt hat. Das war etwas unübersichtlich, aber es gab eine Combat-Zone. Schauen wir mal auf den Mai:

29.Mai 96 (Essen - erstes Mal)
        Anti-Magic Aura         Mondschatten (lim)

        Das erste Mal in neuer Umgebung bringt immer Gewinn im Tausch,
        da man frische Karten mitbringt. Hier half das limitierte Angebot
        des Gegenbers und die Taktik, ihn das Angebot machen zu lassen
        zu einem sch”nen Tausch.    ...der war geil Hoschi!

Ach, jetzt habe ich auch das Datum gefunden, als ich zum ersten Mal im Litfass in Essen war!
Danach ging ich öfter hin.

Manche Tauschaktionen sehe ich sehr kritisch – wie beispielsweise diese hier:

7.Aug 96 (Essen-mit Emrah)
        Mana Drain      Hecatomb (IA)          (Wert 12)
                        Enduring Renewal (IA)  (10)
                        Blinking Spirit (IA)   (14)
                        Crusade (4th)          (10)
                        Balduvian Horde (Al)   (25)
                        Angelic Voices (chr)   (8)
                        Zuran Orb (IA)         (4)
                                               (DM 82)
        Monty Phyton's weltbester Tausch!!!! Dafr daá ich den Mana Drain
        fr DM 50,- gekauft habe k”nnte ich alle Karten auf der Haben
        Seite fr DM 70,- verkaufen und das w„re preiswert.
        Karten wie Mana Drain lassen einen zum King werden, ich tauschte
        eine Karte gleichzeitig unter drei Leuten (quasi Versteigerung)

Dass das ein weltbester Tausch ist, kann ich nicht mehr so empfinden. Vielleicht, wenn man Caritas ist oder so. Mein Tagebuch schliesst mit einer wirklich witzigen Information.

14.Okt 96 Dsseldorf
	Kein Tausch momentan m”glich. Mirage ist gerade erschienen und
	bertrifft die h„rtesten Erwartungen. Eine Karte erzeugte beson-
	deres Interesse: Celestrial Dawn.

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  1. Belca meint:

    14.Okt 96 Dsseldorf
    Kein Tausch momentan m”glich. Mirage ist gerade erschienen und
    bertrifft die h„rtesten Erwartungen. Eine Karte erzeugte beson-
    deres Interesse: Celestrial Dawn.

    So war es halt, erinnere mich wie im Fantasy EnCounter Andre noch versuchte die Karte irgendwie zu spielen…

  2. bongoking meint:

    Nostalgiealarm !

    i like !

  3. beefman meint:

    LOL, ich weiß auch noch wie ich den helm of obedience für ein volcanic island d.lim hergegeben habe. so wirds gemacht!
    und ich wurde nach dem tausch sogar noch belächelt. HAHAHA

  4. atog28 meint:

    Ja, so nach dem Motto „was willst du denn mit der deutschen Karte“…

  5. Teardrop meint:

    Oh, die alten Tauschgeschichten.
    Ich habe mir damals auch jeden Mahamoty Dschin gegriffen, den ich kriegen konnte. Zu jedem Preis 🙁


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