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Blog über Magic: the Gathering und Brettspiele

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Treefolks draften in Lorwyn (wo sonst)


Neuer Draftwalkthrough. Ihr kennt es.

Im Anhang ein paar Chatwalkthroughs. Funny.

8:29 Herald_Of_Balthazar: I tend to get screwed in LWR…..I pick a lot of removal I get no creatures…..pick lots of creatures get no removal 🙁
{R} LRW Release Event {t}{4}{X}{t} {R} in Premier Events begins in about 40 minutes.
{B} LRW Release Event {t}{2}{X}{t} {B} in Premier Events begins in about 25 minutes.
8:30 Kwartz: Ok thanks for the response Ninny
8:31 yinyangwizard: same here herald
8:31 fishhead13: goblins are cool because their creatures are removal, same with faeries to a certain extent
8:31 yinyangwizard: get everything i don’t need
8:32 VII: lag
8:32 Filippini: .
8:34 atog28: i get screwed in life. I pick a lot of money – no time… pick lots of time… no money.. 🙁
8:35 sigamon: atog: that’s pretty much true yes =p
8:35 Drunkin_Badger: no matter what version of english your speaking that makes no since
8:35 effang: it makes perfect sEnse
8:35 rabenburger: *no sense*
8:35 atog28: qed
8:36 Drunkin_Badger: oh ok its just a realy wierd sent.
8:36 effang: no matter what version of English *you’re* speaking
8:36 sigamon: if you work so much to make money, you have no time, if you have so much time, you obviously don’t work enough to make any money 🙂
8:36 Mr Livedog: Unless you’re a writer.
8:36 Mr Livedog: Then you have time and money
8:36 Mr Livedog: But no friends or life.
8:36 rabenburger: and no money
8:36 sigamon: because you’re on strike? =p
8:36 effang: not if you’re a bad writer 🙁
8:36 Drunkin_Badger: or operate a porn sight
8:36 atog28: screw all over… 🙁
8:36 Mr Livedog: I think everyone should strike at least once a year, just to keep management on their toes
8:37 S1lv3rf0x: the best combo is, work as fireman, only 3 days 😀
8:37 Drunkin_Badger: in europe they do
8:37 effang: I think everyone should operate a porn site
8:37 Mr Livedog: I don’t want any job where there’s a risk of burning to death
8:37 Drunkin_Badger: in europe they do
8:37 effang: touche
8:37 Drunkin_Badger: 🙂
8:37 atog28: @effang: if i check emails, I think that’s already true
8:37 S1lv3rf0x: oh no, i only safe little cats on the trees
8:37 Drunkin_Badger: anywere you work you have a risk of burning to death
8:37 Mr Livedog: I don’t even like it when it’s hot outside.
8:38 effang: lol
8:38 Mr Livedog: Very true, badger
8:38 Mr Livedog: Very true indeed.
8:38 atog28: unless, you’re a writer {s}
8:38 effang: well, if you’re s1lv34f0x you run the risk of getting clawed to death by a small kitten
8:38 S1lv3rf0x: haha
8:38 Drunkin_Badger: infact i think mtgo admin have a fear of burning to death on a dailey basis
8:38 Mr Livedog: If you’re a writer, you run the risk of self-immolation, but that’s about it
8:39 S1lv3rf0x: xD
8:39 effang: what if someone really hates your books
8:39 effang: and burns one
8:39 effang: and throws it at you
8:39 S1lv3rf0x: or burn you,
8:39 S1lv3rf0x: some writes need it
8:39 effang: yes, that’s the more direct method
8:39 atog28: then pray your’re writing short stories only…
8:39 effang: hahahahahaha
8:39 rabenburger: haha!!!
8:39 S1lv3rf0x: hjahahah
8:39 rabenburger: but the tradeoff is that no one reads short stories
8:40 rabenburger: so you’ll just starve
8:40 effang: so then you have no money
8:40 effang: so what, writers are faced with „burn to death“ or „starve to death“?
8:40 rabenburger: that’s about right
8:40 effang: I think I need to switch majors
8:40 rabenburger: you an English major? I am, too
8:40 effang: great future ahead for us 🙁
8:41 rabenburger: heh…just go to law school
8:41 rabenburger: if all else fails

10:27 firstturnhyppie: (subliminal) SMOKE
10:28 DAT MOOSE: im in the finals of the 8-4 draft guys, sorry, most of you arent
10:28 ProfessorPotatohead: holy crap 5 more XXX 8-4
10:28 ionized: wow arent you awesome
10:28 kianchong: smoke what? salmon? trout?
10:28 kianchong: mackerel?
10:28 ionized: hey dat moose can we hang out some time
10:28 firstturnhyppie: are you smokin yet?
10:28 ionized: you seem like a really cool person
10:28 kianchong: well i need to know what to smoke to smoke!
10:28 kianchong: smoke bacon?
10:28 ionized: smoke some pole
10:28 DAT MOOSE: ty ionized, sure bud, where do u live
10:28 firstturnhyppie: just smoke it!!! dont think about what to smoke just smoke it!!!
10:29 kianchong: and how am i supposed to smoke it?
10:29 kianchong: tea smoke?
10:29 kianchong: wood chip smoke?
10:29 ProfessorPotatohead: gee wilickers 4 more XXX 8-4
10:29 kianchong: u need to be specific
10:29 firstturnhyppie: lolz im done bein dumb
10:29 cssjunkie: haha
10:29 kianchong: i love tea smoked mackerel
10:29 Adept_Tomax: Lets try to keep the conversation to drafting
10:30 firstturnhyppie: i <3 LLL (smoke) 10:30 kianchong: lol soz adept {s} 10:30 kianchong: i think SMOKEbraider is overrated 10:30 firstturnhyppie: lolz 10:30 DAT MOOSE: so in my latest draft, i drafted a really good deck, and this guy ran his mouth, thenhe lost and i won, and now im happy about it 10:30 cssjunkie: yea anyone played that vintage SMOKEstacks deck? 10:31 Kinny: wow, smoke is really funny 10:31 firstturnhyppie: lol sadly 10:31 cssjunkie: idk ur SMOKEbraider dies to my pepperSMOKE 10:31 kianchong: pepperSMOKE is a high pick if u draft faeries 10:31 firstturnhyppie: boggart SHENANIGANS = the sheezy 10:31 cssjunkie: oh yea 10:32 kianchong: anyone remember drafting OLS? 10:32 Pete.Perez: i'm looking for a clan... anyone out there willing to invite? 10:32 kianchong: SMOKEspew invoker was pretty solid 10:32 Lotus Flower: WEED strangle > pepperSMOKE
10:32 ProfessorPotatohead: 5 alive, 3 more XXX 8-4
10:33 cssjunkie: haha lotus
10:33 kianchong: unless ur opponent plays CRACKDOWN {s}
10:33 firstturnhyppie: lol if im ever in a queue that isnt firing i guess i can just whine about it and people will join : )
10:33 Pete.Perez: whining is a stress reliever
10:33 Pete.Perez: and a stress enducer

10:50 DAT MOOSE: wow that was a total romp
10:50 Hellious: dude why do want a clan
10:50 DAT MOOSE: fastest 6-0 ive ever gone, yeah it was 8-4 , no big deal
10:50 Accountant: lol
10:51 Hellious: its just not that great you know
10:51 horse152: What no losers bracket?
10:51 DAT MOOSE: i wount know lol
10:51 DAT MOOSE: winners win
10:51 Accountant: you must be amazing
10:51 Accountant: wow
10:51 Hellious: he so amaing he has a 1625 rating but still the best player in this game .. lol
10:51 kianchong: dont worry the shuffler catches up with everyone {s}
10:51 Ferron: all bow to DAT MOOSE
10:51 Vladd Viever: not very confident in your skills
10:51 DAT MOOSE: finally got my ranking over 1600 lol
10:51 Accountant: hail DAT MOOSE
10:51 DAT MOOSE: was in the 1400s for awhile
10:51 Vladd Viever: if you have to announce your sucess
10:52 Vladd Viever: if you were that good
10:52 Ferron: i am your faithful servant DAT
10:52 DAT MOOSE: all hail DAT MOOSE
10:52 DAT MOOSE: ty guys, i wont forget you
10:52 Vladd Viever: we would complain when your in our draft pod
10:52 Ferron: please share some wisdom
10:52 Accountant: all bow before the leader
10:52 Ferron: i beg you!
10:52 kianchong: by tomorrow DAT MOOSE will be the #1 limited ranked player on MTGO
10:52 Accountant: tell us the secrets
10:52 DAT MOOSE: play merfolk in lll they are good
10:52 Cranial Distraction: so you went down to 1400 on sheer ability, then on more sheer ability came back up to a whopping 1625…
10:52 Ferron: what is the meaning of life?
10:52 Ferron: 42?
10:52 DAT MOOSE: i went to 1400 cuz i played bad, now i am on a warpath
10:52 DAT MOOSE: next stop 1700
10:52 Accountant: the leader has spoken
10:52 Vladd Viever: umm
10:52 firstturnhyppie: woot won that round in 9 mins : )
10:52 kianchong: lol…
10:52 Vladd Viever: nice rating pro
{B} LRW Release Event {t}{2}{X}{t} {B} in Premier Events begins in about 7 minutes.
10:53 Accountant: listen to him
10:53 Cranial Distraction: i think i know why you went to 1400, you don’t need to say it. 😛
10:53 SandCircoDay: there’s always one game taking ages
10:53 Cranial Distraction: i am a 1400, i know why you get to it
10:53 DAT MOOSE: to all my faithful servants: remain loyal and u can share in the spoils, i will be sharing packs with u guys when i get over 100 packs
10:53 Son_of_Odin: rare drafting will do it
10:53 Ferron: there is a rating below 1500????
10:53 Hellious: no one want to do xxx no more
10:53 Cranial Distraction: by far
10:53 Hellious: come on
10:53 firstturnhyppie: im 1612… slightly average
10:53 DAT MOOSE: i dont rare draft i play to win the decks
10:53 kianchong: ive seen 1396 before
10:53 iamnoobieok: there is a rating below 1800???
10:53 kianchong: roflmao
10:53 Accountant: a new leader!
10:53 DAT MOOSE: i would quit games a lot, which dropped my rating
10:53 Cranial Distraction: you got to 1400 without raredrafting?!
10:53 Son_of_Odin: col plans or shreikmaw, hum i’ll take the rare
10:53 Cranial Distraction: holy crap
10:53 Hellious: ivelost to a 1204 before
10:54 Cranial Distraction: you must’ve sucked something fierce.
10:54 Hellious: lol
10:54 Ferron: all hail iamnoobieok!
10:54 mob4mets: 2 more xxx
10:54 Hellious: lol
10:54 Ferron: our new leader!
10:54 DAT MOOSE: i quit a lot of games cuz something came up
10:54 Hellious: lowest i ever seen and i lost to him
10:54 DAT MOOSE: ferron how could u do this to me
10:54 iamnoobieok: =p this is my new acct, i dont like this rating so no looking
10:54 Cranial Distraction: it was probably kenji, hellious 😛
10:54 DAT MOOSE: i thought u were my loyal servant
10:54 Vladd Viever: not a single person in this 8 man can talk about there skill level
10:54 Hellious: lol
10:54 Ferron: you have been impeached
10:54 DAT MOOSE: 🙁

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