Blog über Magic: the Gathering und Brettspiele


Blog über Magic: the Gathering und Brettspiele

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Combo aus drei Teilen


Zu Beginn ein fabelhaftes Gedicht:

(Translation of I. Krylov*’s fable)

Let crayfish, swan and pike
Draw heavy loaded cart,
Each being just a part
Of harness they dislike.

They try a lot, and everyone
Starts pulling it with zeal;
The problem is that each of them
With his path wants to deal!

The swan makes upward for a cloud,
The crayfish falls behind;
The pike dives sharply in the deep,
And cart moves not from site.

The moral of the verse is that
Accordance should prevail
Amid the people who have plans
To work but not in vain.

* Ivan Krylov – Russian fables writer (1769-1844).

Ich hoffe, ihr habt das alles gelesen und verstanden. Oder zumindest interpretiert, was dann das Gefühl „verstanden“ hat entstehen lassen. Same here.


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